Keeping It All In The Family

Here’s another great article about family business structure.

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Great Article about Family Business

Jeff Ahola of Ahola Payroll wrote a wonderful post for the COSE blog. You can find it here

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Being Heard

How we communicate can mean the difference between success and struggle. Many times in family businesses the players communicate as family members instead of as associates and co-workers. Think about how you communicate with non-family staff. Is it different from family members?

If so, try to change the way you communicate with family. Think of them as only associates. Keep the emotion out of the conversation and see how things go.

It’s not necessarily easy but it can make a big difference.

Great Article

Check out this valuable article about the state of family business today –

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Book Review

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Business Techniques in Troubled Times by Thomas Gray. In this book Thomas shares some incredibly actionable techniques for dealing with everything from sales to pricing to succession planning.

One of the best sections is the one on family business management. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in exploring ideas on how to streamline, structure, and grow.

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