About Us

Kathy Dawson and Diane Helbig have joined forces to help small family-owned businesses navigate the challenges of family business ownership.

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Kathy Dawson is Northeast Ohio’s                       Diane Helbig is the president of Seize
leading relationship coach and as                        This Day Coaching. She brings over
an author and speaker, has broadcast                 25 years of business leadership and
relationship information on local and                    sale experience to her coaching
national radio and television. Kathy’s                   practice. She works with her clients
history of growing up in a family                           to help them craft strategies that will
business, along with her 20+ years                      lead them to greater success. Diane
as a relationship coach combine to                      is the author of Lemonade Stand
make her uniquely qualified to work                     Selling and the host of Accelerate
with family businesses. Whether                          Your Business Growth radio show.
coaching men and women on how to                   She is an Authorized Local Expert for
sustain a lifelong marriage or                               Constant Contact and a member of
sustain a committed business relation-                the NSBA Leadership Council.
ship, Kathy has experience in a wide
variety of relationship situations.